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About me

Peter G.J. Lemmens (BSc) Capture

Board advisor IT Governance | Clean-tech | Prince 2© |

I’m a passionate IT Governance project manager, Clean-tech, HS & E. Creating the maximum outcome for the enterprise with minimum environmental impact. Built on comprehensive experience as Senior Project Manager matching recent ISO’s. Managed multicultural and multilingual teams by transforming them to engaged communities. Business continuity management and application implementation. My power lies in a multidimensional approach of business analysis, advise on strategic plans, compose and guide various business units and project teams. Incorporation of Social Media into IT Governance strategies for businesses. King III & IV proof reader.

I am seeking an executive position that will allow me to closely couple my strong technical abilities with my business and managerial experience to drive IT towards strategic business alignment. An environment that encourages teamwork, creativity, passion and life-work balance.

Besides my professional career I  enjoy cooking and diners with young entrepreneurs I guide, create fine art, love to ride my VTT or race bike, camp and enjoy 4 x 4 or ski during the winter.

Always keen on new challenges, training or level up to keep high standards in my profession.

Feel free to explore my achievements or read about my work history. Reference are available upon request.

Exceptional Skills

Board advise, Project team advise| Clean-tech | IT Technology – HS&E +25 yrs | Business Case studies, analyses and strategic planning | Product development | Prince2 – PMI® | Social media strategist| GIS | Languages

• Languages

English | Dutch               Bilingual proficiency
French                                 Full professional proficiency
German | Afrikaans   Professional working proficiency
Spanish                               Working proficiency

• Publications

GIS Map on flooding mines BiH, Serbia emergency response Esri
May 22, 2014
Map layer assisting IMC emergency fast deployment team carrying out their work in the safest circumstances.

IT handbook for field offices moving from ERT to fixed presence.
February 1, 2013
This handbook provides field management adequate guidance on how to setup a proper office when moving from ERT to a sustainable presence.

Project methodology
October 2009
The best of PMI and Prince 2© project methodologies.

Psychological guidance for teaching professionals
June 1, 2006
As a Safety and Health engineer I did research on the conditions most teachers have to do their jobs. Often misunderstood by parents, fellow colleagues and students. How to tackle stress in these situations and what are the main factors triggering this.

• Education

Scrum & Agile Manager, Computer Software Engineering, 2014 – 2014

Prince 2 Practitioner, Information Technology Project Management, 2012 – 2013
APMG – ILX, The Netherlands

Toolkit for managers, 2012 – 2014

Post graduate, IT security / data protection, 2008 – 2008
Acteur de l’IT securite, 2007


Post graduate, Occupational Safety and Health Technology Engineer, 2005 – 2006

SharePoint administration, 2006

MS Visual Basic, 2004

MS Active Directory, 2003
VSKO University of Limburg, Belgium

Bachelor, Education and Science
University of Limburg & Leuven Belgium (UCLL)

High school, accountancy, civil law and languages
Sint Michiels, Leopoldsburg, Belgium